I’m Ross Paffett. I’ve been building a new way to pay with LevelUp since 2012. If you see me wearing pants, please send help.

I lead LevelUp’s San Francisco engineering office. We build the services that power our mobile payments and online ordering platform.

I focus on designing great APIs, keeping our customers’ financial data safe, and ensuring our systems can process increasing numbers of transactions per second.

I honed my leadership skills with NOLS in New Zealand and use my experience every day to keep my team and my friends happy.

I’ve contributed to fun open-source projects like Spout, Hector, Alice and Octokit. You can see more on GitHub.

I grew up in Boston, and now live in San Francisco. On weekends, you’ll find me in the wilderness with friends, working on my car, or holding my camera. Check out some of my photos at 500px.

You can get in touch with me at ross@rosspaffett.com.